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Laura Cahill
The Milton Expert

95 Eliot Street
Milton, MA 02186


Carolyn A. Cahill
Buyer Specialist

95 Eliot Street
Milton, MA 02186

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“This is the second home you have sold for me. The first home was one of the larger properties in Milton.  This home while more modest was handled with the equal respect and care. For me as a single woman you were a great communicator and a source of encouragement during those many “deer in headlights” moments which naturally occur even during a smooth two months from first meeting with you to closing.”

Harriet P.

Did You Know?

Founder of Thayer Nursery in Milton, Bob Oldfield had a lifelong dream of returning to his hometown to be a farmer and to raise a family. He discovered, at the base of the Blue Hills, a beautiful farm in need of some care. He worked day and night to grow both his business and his family. Now forty years later, two of Bob’s five children, are following in his bobcat tracks.